Executive Coaching

The best investment a company can make is one that produces measureable results, a higher level of professional contribution – and productivity. Executive coaching creates sustained improvement that will impact your company’s bottom line now and in the future. At Albright Snidow, we utilize high performance coaching methods to develop your current and future leaders to able to handle tomorrow’s challenges.

Albright Snidow executive coaches are seasoned industry professionals with significant, multi-industry business experience and highly developed communication skills.  Our certified coaches are skilled in using high performance coaching techniques and leverage High Performance Psychology to help leaders learn powerful leadership behaviors, uncover blind spots, remove barriers to success, and lead at an optimal level.

Who in your organization can benefit from coaching?

  • High potential individual contributors being groomed for promotion.

  • Senior managers and executives with little time for traditional training-based learning.

  • Managers new to the management role or recently assigned larger responsibilities.

  • Managers and senior leaders who have become derailed; whose performance has faltered.

Our Approach

Albright Snidow’s 5-pronged approach is designed to help leaders build:


1. Insight: Gain awareness and understanding of self as well as others’ perceptions

2. Skills: Build expertise by gaining new knowledge and experience; build confidence

3. Motivation: Discover own motivators, clarify commitment, and enlist support from others

4. Accountability: Gather critical feedback to learn and achieve desired results

5. Practice: Try out new behaviors, assess effectiveness and integrate to affect observable change

Peak Performance Coaching

albright snidowAlmost every great leader attributes part of their success to having worked with an executive coach or mentor, not just once, but for much of their career.

Albright Snidow executive coaches can help your leaders function at a high level under pressure, see the long-term consequences of their choices, and develop the confidence to move ahead when conditions are uncertain. Prepared leaders mean competitive advantage.

We are specially trained in peak leadership tools, mindset and practices to achieve maximum performance. We coach our clients to leverage their strengths, monitor their blind spots, and perform at peak levels in a sustainable way.

High Potential Coaching

albright snidowHigh Potential leaders in your organization, given the right coaching and support, can move into expanded positions of greater responsibility, foster innovation and lead change more quickly and effectively than your other leaders.

Partnering with an Albright Snidow coach allows your high potentials to:

  • Develop the competencies and skills critical for advancement and success.

  • Leverage strengths and developmental weaknesses to bring unique and lasting value to your organization.

  • Communicate with power and influence.

  • Develop and leverage organizational network to achieve success across business lines.

  • Improve Emotional Intelligence.

Our Coaches’ Credentials

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Our executive coaches use a wide range of assessments to help leaders gain insight and grow.

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Ready to invest in your leaders?  We’re ready to help.