Competency Development

Having a strong business strategy in place with individually aligned goals help organizations move faster and execute effectively. But these things alone will not move a company forward unless leaders know what capabilities people need to develop and deploy in order to implement business strategy.

Albright Snidow provides a flexible talent management framework that defines competencies, and observable behaviors associated for different leader levels, so that your leaders know what’s important.

Our Competency Development Process

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Competency Strategy

Building strong leaders that can lead now and in the future requires the continual alignment of your talent with overall business objectives as your organization grows and adapts to market conditions. Our experts at Albright Snidow conduct strategy sessions and facilitate conversations with your key leaders to provide:

  • A guided discovery of competencies needed to execute against your multi-year business plan.

  • The groundwork for successful decision-making conversations.

  • A plan for a smooth, timely and integrated implementation.

Competency Modeling

We partner with you to build a performance-driven culture — with customized leadership competencies providing a solid foundation. Together, we will:

  • Discover your organization’s unique talent needs based on your business strategy.

  • Design a competency model that aligns with your talent strategy and business objectives.

Albright Snidow modeling creates a fluid framework that can be reconfigured as business conditions and circumstances change so that you are always positioned for organizational success.

Competency Implementation

Having competencies in place is one thing; effectively using competencies is an entirely different consideration. For competency implementation to be successful and fully adopted Enterprise-wide, all managers and staff must embrace the change, be inspired by the competencies, and begin changing behaviors aligned with business strategy.

Albright Snidow experts partner with you to help successfully integrate your organization’s competencies into key areas of your business so that learning “sticks”. We also design and facilitate training for leaders and staff to understand how to develop key competencies and reinforce and reward them on the job. We provide the critical expertise, tools, experience, and insight necessary to make your implementation a complete success.


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