Career Solutions

Our Career Development Programs are designed to Support Employee Retention and Foster Career Growth

Our Talent Consultants work with you to create strategies that guide the development of impactful career programs. Programs are customized to fit your organization’s needs and focus on these key actions:

  • Enable and support effective Manager/Employee conversations about careers.

  • Promote the idea of a career “lattice” rather than a career “ladder” to fit today’s organizational and technology structures.

  • Offer training especially created to support competencies aligned with organizational objectives.

  • Leverage assessments to provide insight around key strengths and preferences to facilitate career planning.

  • Empower employees through training and career conversations, to gain clarity and career direction so that they can make career decisions regarding their next move.

  • Allow faster or slower career progression according to the employee’s desires and current life situation.

  • Evaluate employee performance in terms of outcomes, not in hours spent at work.

  • Engage employees by providing new and challenging ways to grow and learn on the job.

  • Assist employees in developing a personal brand to promote their strengths within your organization.

Give your employees the tools and training to be successful in your organization. Everybody wins.

Transition and Outplacement Solutions

Displacing individuals on your team can be a difficult task, whether they are highly placed executives or mid-to-lower level staff. Albright Snidow has over 20 years of comprehensive career transition and outplacement experience and can help you with single employee (rather than group) transitions. We can assist your employee in all aspects of job search so that they deal with the change effectively and land on their feet in a new position as soon as possible. We work with you to confidentially orchestrate their transition plan to ensure that they are handled professionally and smoothly.

Our Services:

One-on-one, individual outplacement

Assessment and career planning

Development of job search strategy

Market research

Resume and cover letter development

Networking planning and coaching

Social networking strategy

Interview prep & practice

Offer negotiation


Delivery Methods

We offer one-on-one outplacement for single outplacements rather than group outplacement.

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